When Is the Best Time to Water the Lawn in New York?

New York may not be called The Garden State, but it can be very easy to grow, cultivate, and enjoy just about any plant you can think of here. This includes any type of plant you want to grow, as long as you know what the flora needs. And, what do plants need more than anything else? Water! The best times to water your plants and lawn in New York may be less than convenient, but with automatic sprinkler systems, you can ensure your plants stay green.

Watering in the AM is Best for Plants in New York

And really everywhere! Watering early in the morning allows your plants to start their day with a good healthy drink. We generally suggest between 4:30 and 6:30 AM.

Think about it this way: when the sun goes down your plants begin to power down for the day as well. They do not perform nearly as much photosynthesis and do not suck up as much water from the ground. They remain this way through the night and when the morning sun begins to peek through the horizon, your plants wake up and get ready to take in that light.

It sounds silly to personify a plant this way, but it’s true! The same way you start your day with a cup of coffee is the same way your plants want to start their day with a nice big helping of water. Whether it’s your lawn, some shrubs or your vegetable garden, your plants will appreciate the water right in the beginning of the day.

So It’s Bad to Water at Night?

Not necessarily, but consider this – would you have a big cup of coffee before you head off to bed? Of course not. Because the plants do not suck up as much of the water in the evening, it tends to pool in the soil. This causes erosion and can promote the development of bacteria and funguses that can damage your plants or lawn. Additionally, New York’s northern location means it gets colder at night more often. If you water in the evening and the temperature dips, you could do damage to your plants and their root systems.

But I’m Not Getting Up That Early to Water – What Do I Do?

Automatic in ground sprinkler systems of course! With an automatic system, your plants get just the right amount of water, exactly at the right time of day. If you don’t yet have an automatic system, we hope you’ll consider one. In the meantime, you can water in the afternoon. However, you want to ensure that you water late enough that the water will actually remain on the plants and not be lost to the air due to evaporation and early enough that the sun still has enough time to evaporate any water from the leaves of the trees or excess from the ground.

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