Watering New Grass Seed

Regardless of whether you have trees, bushes, shrubs, or flowers planted in your yard, any plant with a strong root system should be easy to water. Taking things a step further by investing in an in-ground sprinkler system will reliably deliver a set amount of water to your plants every day, effectively automating the task [...]

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Sprinkler Heads Won’t Pop Up?

Imagine waking up one morning, grabbing a cup of coffee, and taking your first step outside only to find large puddles in your lawn where there should be thin and tidy arcs of water flowing from your sprinkler heads. It goes without saying that your sprinkler system has a problem. If you find that your [...]

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The 6 Best Beaches in Suffolk County

Are you looking for a fun, engaging, and inexpensive way to spend your day, or even just an afternoon? Well, hitting the road and heading for a beach is always a great idea, especially in the summer time, but with dozens of beaches to choose from, you might be stuck wondering which ones are the [...]

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