Fixing Low Water Pressure In Your Sprinkler Heads

Low water pressure in your sprinkler heads can be frustrating, especially if you wake up each morning expecting to see a beautifully manicured lawn or shrubs and are instead, seeing a parched, thirty landscape. Your water may not be reaching the necessary areas. What can you do to increase the water pressure in your sprinkler system? Let’s check out a few ways.

Clogs Cause Low Water Pressure

This is probably the number one reason you’re experiencing low water pressure issues with your sprinkler heads. Dirt, sand, and other debris can make it’s way into your sprinkler system and cause a backup in your lines and sprinkler heads. Think of a highway – if there’s a fender bend in the right lane and everyone needs to move over to the left, traffic starts to backup as the drivers try to make their way over. The same is true of your sprinkler system lines. If dirt or debris is clogging your lines or your heads, it can drastically slow the amount of water coming out of the sprinkler head.

You can clear out your sprinkler head by gently pushing down on it while it is on and allowing it to pop back up. Your sprinkler lines are best cleared by a professional – regular maintenance helps keep clogs that cause low pressure from happening.

Low Water Pressure Caused by Your Backflow Preventer

Backflow preventers are an incredibly important part of your sprinkler system. They prevent non-potable water – the stuff that has flowed into your sprinkler system – from mixing back into the potable water system – the stuff that is waiting inside your pipes. Low pressure in your sprinkler heads can be caused by the backflow preventer not being fully opened. The backflow preventer has two pipes, one horizontal, and one vertical – you’ll want to ensure that the handle on the valve is perpendicular to the horizontal pipe when you’re operating your system. This means that the backflow preventer is open. These handles can be easily turned, so this is a good area to check if you’re noticing low water pressure in your sprinkler heads.

Broken Lines Can Cause Low Water Pressure in Your Sprinkler Heads

Ouch – we never like to see broken lines, but it is a possibility. If the line feeding your sprinkler heads is broken, water is able to escape the pipe into the ground around it. That water is likely eroding the soil around your system, creating an additional headache. But at the very root of the issue, water isn’t getting to your sprinkler heads. The best course of action is replacing the broken section of pipe.

Wait! Boost Low Water Pressure in your Home

Don’t forget that it could be that your entire home has low water pressure. Perhaps your municipality does as well. You can contact your local water utility to learn more about the pressure coming into your home. You may need to invest in a pump to increase the pressure of the water going to your sprinkler heads.

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