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Sprinkler Repair in Huntington, NY

our sprinkler repair in Huntington, NY maintain this perfect looking lawn

Here at AquaFlo Sprinkler, we provide all of our customers with the best sprinkler repairs in Huntington, New York. Not only are we staffed with experienced professionals, but we also pride ourselves on the lengths we'll go to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our work. Whether you have a sprinkler head that is gushing water onto the street, or just want to tune up your sprinkler system, our crew is here to help.

We cover all of your sprinkler repair needs, including:

  • Sprinkler head and nozzle replacement
  • Pipe and valve repair
  • Rain sensors
  • Smart controllers and timers
  • Drainage systems
  • Wiring and electrical

Sprinkler Head and Nozzle Repair

Our most popular services usually involve sprinkler head replacements or repairs. That's because it’s quite common for your sprinkler heads to need some fine tuning at the start and end of each season. In the winter months, for example, your sprinkler heads might clog, freeze up, fill up with dirt, etc.
Our technicians can give your sprinkler system a tune-up at the start of every season, ensuring that your heads are properly calibrated. If one of your heads is broken, we’ll fix it. Plain and simple. If you’re looking to upgrade to a different set of sprinkler heads, talk to one of our technicians to get their recommendation for your home.

Drip Irrigation Maintenance

Just like a regular sprinkler system, your drip irrigation lines also need regular TLC. We can inspect your drip system to make sure that your plants, flowers, and trees are getting the water they need, right at their roots.

Our Service Area

Luckily for our customers, we don't just serve Huntington– we also offer sprinkler maintenance and repairs to the surrounding areas. Check out our regular service area below:

  • adjusting a sprinkler valve during routine repairs in HuntingtonWoodbury
  • Hicksville
  • Levittown
  • Farmingdale
  • Melville
  • Glen Cove
  • Northport
  • Commack
  • Deer Park
  • Brentwood
  • And more

Huntington, New York: Did You Know?

We love it when we get called to Huntington. Now before you say anything, its not because you can get the best creole cuisine in all of New York here at Storyville. No, it's not because of Swallow and Munday’s either, though we do appreciate their diner-themed eats. We can't even say that it's because of the local Sapsucker or Finley's that we fell in love. For us, it’s the history and culture of Huntington as a whole. We will admit, however, that our love probably has a tiny bit to do with all of that other stuff, too.

What history and culture are we talking about? Here are a few of our favorite facts that you might not have known about Huntington, NY:

  • The TV show Growing Pains was set in Huntington, and the creator of the show grew up here, too.
  • Some scenes for the comedy movie Sisters, starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, were filmed in Huntington.
  • Model Christy Brinkley is from Huntington. Yowza, right?
  • Seinfeld’s very own Jason Alexander lived in Huntington.That must be where he got his New York attitude from.

Let's Get Started

We also offer professional grade sprinkler repair in Commack and Smithtown, NY