How to Pick a Great Irrigation Contractor in Long Island

Are you looking for a new irrigation contractor in Long Island? Well you’re in luck, because there are definitely more than a few contractors to choose from. That’s why we’ve created  guide in the hopes that it’ll help make that choice a little less daunting. So just stick to our tips below, and you’ll find an irrigation contractor who’ll get the job done right in no time!

1. Read Reviews

It’s easier to find reviews of companies today than it ever has been before. So why not check Google+, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau to see what previous customers have said about a potential contractor? Look for any repeat complaints that you should be wary of.

2. Choose Local

If you can, choose a local contractor. Why? Local contractors often have better customer service than big box companies, and are generally more willing to go that extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with their service. Going local also means that the contractor you choose will know more about your area and the common irrigation issues that come with it, so they’ll be better equipped to handle any problems they might encounter.

3. Fully Licensed and Insured, or Bust

It’s critical that your Long Island irrigation contractor is fully licensed and insured. Make sure that this information is displayed visibly somewhere on their company website, and that proof of their licensure is visible when they come for the inspection.

4. Ask about Emergency Service

Some irrigation specialists offer emergency or weekend service. This means that if your irrigation system is spilling water all of over your sidewalk on a Sunday, you can still get ahold of someone who can help. Check for this added perk when shopping around for your next Long Island irrigation specialist.

5. Understand their Offered Services

Make sure that your new contractor offers a wide range of services. Know that some contractors only offer repairs, while others will also offer installations. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other, but do make sure to choose a contractor that caters to the specific service(s) you are looking for.

Want to know how to pick a great Long Island irrigation contractor? Well, if you’ve read through our guide above, you’re probably a pro by now. The next step – hit the phone and schedule an introductory inspection with your new irrigation specialist ASAP!

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