Plantation shutters and its Different Types for you to Choose

Shutters are one of the ways to have your home designed. It stays by your windows and is very good for keeping privacy. One of the popular type of shutters is plantation shutters. Plantation shutters have their own description that is very cool. It can be installed on the window with or without a hinge. Moreover, it could be a great way for keeping out sunlight with the feature of its dividers able to be slid up and down. To get the most out of it, you can get to know the types of plantation shutters. In this way, you could decide which one to get and what would suit your taste.

Plantation shutters have three different types: vinyl, wood, and composite. Vinyl is one of the least expensive types. It is not that sturdy when it comes to a larger and low-end structure. The other details is that it is made up of PVC or aluminum as supports. It doesn’t have any wood in it. It is also known for being weather resistant. High-moisture areas are also their strengths. Another type is composite. Composite plantation shutters are often called as fake wood or engineered wood. It is made out of engineered wood that is covered with vinyl or PVC coat. It is also sturdy and good for an alternative of wood plantation shutters.

The last one is the most known and very cool. It is the wood plantation shutters. This type of plantation shutter is the most known for strength-to-weight ratio. Wood plantation shutters can be defined into shapes and other colors. It could be stained, tinted or fully customized. It is the difference between wood and vinyl. Prefabricated colors would happen to vinyl and composite while wood is open to customizing. Wood is also very sturdy and keeps a classy vibe for the house if installed.

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