Key Facts Related With The Floor Plans Of Meyerhouse

Meyerhouse is the most popular development, which is situated in the Tanjong Katong. The location is graced with several facilities while we talk about the schools or shopping centers. Meyerhouse Tanjong Katong is situated near the bus interchanges, and you will not deal with any kind of issue related to transportation.


The development area is the ideal choice for those people, who love to eat different kind of food items. There are many cafes and restaurants, which offer a wide range of edible items. In fact, there are also many shopping malls as well as the schools. Further, I am going to give a brief description of the floor plans of such a project.

What are the floor plans?

There will be a lot of facilities in the residential area of the development area such as BBQ pits, indoor gym, swimming pool, sun deck, and many more. There will be also some options in the houses such as 1,2,3 bedroom house. You can check out the proper information related to the floor plans by visiting the official website of the development. In case, you have any kind of doubt then it is advised to contact with them as you will be provided by the proper details related to the plan.


Final words

Meyerhouse is a good option for all those people, who want to get the house at a location where they can get the necessary things. The development area is near the shopping centers and we can easily go for the shopping and buy many trendy items. Apart from this, there are also many parks present and we can enjoy the beauty of nature. So, if you are finding the residential area then it is advised to pick such option.


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