Monthly installment for loan is better than monthly savings

Monthly recurring deposits is a best way to save money in small amounts. When your desire is to buy a two wheeler or a car yes this sort of recurring deposits plans would work perfectly but when you have to increase your financial stability and status, then these recurring deposits would hardly meet any need you have. So, you could plan to make a big amount as the monthly installments, but in this case you would be paying as an installment towards loan but not towards a saving scheme that the banks offer. Ok, what for you should take a loan? How about owning a house, than to keep the cash handy all the time or else in the account.

When you buy the pearl bank enbloc you could talk to the financier and could set the tenure of the loan to the extent where the monthly installment is payable by you. Though you have the hope to get back some funds and thereby pay to the loan account that would in turn reduce the principal amount, you could not do so as the returns might get blocked or you may get some other expenses. Hence, always plan to pay the installment for this lovely house with the money that you could manage to pay without having to miss.

Also, when you own the house, it is quite comfortable to pay the installment as you would be saving on the rent than paying the rent for the big house that you are living in or want to live in. Of course, a little extra would be paid by you to the lender as there is an interest amount calculated on top of the loan taken which might be painful but this would eventually turn into gain as the property value would be much higher than the interest amount that you pay for it.

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